CPhI: North America Pharmaceuticals 2015 – Industry Explorations



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This report was produced by CPhI, in partnership with Global Business Reports – GBR. It includes in-depth analysis and trends in the USA Pharmaceuticals. The United States has long been the land of the American Dream—the opportunity available to all citizens to improve their quality of life with hard work and determination.  Although often attributed to the pursuit of consumer goods, money and property, the American Dream clearly underpins the ideals at the heart of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry. In its relentless attempts to create drugs to improve an individual’s health, prolong life and eradicate disease for future generations, Americans are able to harness their talents and energy to transform lives.

Report Highlights:

  • Statistics on Market Size, Segments, and Growth Forecasts
  • Information on the DCAT
  • Latest trends in pharmaceutical regulations in USA from the members of FDA and market experts
  • Recent developments in SOCMA and key areas of its focus
  • Domestic Market Seen Through Eyes of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • Prospects for new growing companies in the market of International giants
  • Most recent milestones of the  InformEx brand
  • Future of Research and Development (R&D)
  • USA generics industry and rise of biosimilars
CPhI: North America Pharmaceuticals 2015 – Industry Explorations report

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